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How to invest

Certainty in your investment

4% return on investment

6-9 month project period

Real estate as collateral

Attraction of new partners and clients / Negotiations

Lack of reality and trust between a team and investors often leads to negotiation failure, especially when foreign partners are involved. We have our solution for it. Per each investment in single property or chain of properties you will sign a contract base on a certain project or time.

Contract negotiation / Document workflow

One of the biggest challenges is negotiating a deal with multiple parties. Outdated communications, different ideas, management policy, lengthy legal approval process, hamper business processes. These barriers drive up costs that delay growth.

Our solution: 3 packages of design.

We have our permanent team who is efficient in executing our standard designs. Because of our standardisation, materials and workmanship is made efficient.

Our real-estate office is focused on making profitable properties. Low purchase price, standard renovation and market level property sales.

This is how we guarantee 4% return on investment in the Amsterdam housing market.

Performance of contracts / Payments

Banking bureaucracy impedes business. We have our own financial advisors to assist our investors.

Dutch Mill combines the functions of Real Estate: equity, contractors, financial advisors.

By professionals for professionals

Negotiations between prospective house buyers and property owners can be lengthy. The contract negotiation, payment execution, dispute resolution can take a lot of time.

These barriers are minimized with Dutch Mill Real Estate . We have equity, our own standard method of renovation and materialisation. Our projects are independent to any external demand of clients.

Our strategy is based on global legal activities in real-estate which start from our regional lovely Amsterdam.

Dutch Mill is an all-in-one solution for locals or international real estate investors.

Dutch Mill combines the functions of Real Estate, banks, contractors, financial advisors, marketing agents, designers and arbitral institutions.

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